Is the Ivanka Trump Nordstrom Scandal a Big Deal?

Before taking the oath of office, Trump brushed aside questions concerning conflicts of interest surfacing from his family business. It took less than a month in office for Trump to confirm; he has no intention to respect or honor ethics laws associated with his personal finances and the presidency of the United States.

Although the recent tiff between Ivanka Trump and Nordstrom department stores may not appear significant, it has raised the question of whether Trump cares about anything other than his financial gain.

When the White House witch doctor, Kellyanne Conway, plugged the Ivanka line, apparently breaking ethics laws, the result was a thank you from Trump and a statement from Sean Spicer that Kellyanne was “counseled.” Ultimately, there were no legal repercussions.

It is just a pattern of illegal behavior, clearly indicating that our illegitimate president is incapable of psychologically detaching himself from his family’s brand-driven financial interests. Trump maintains he has no interest in relinquishing his controlling interest in the Trump Organization while his adult sons, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump “supposedly” head it.

Furthermore, staff members are willing to believe it is their jobs, as paid agents of Trump, to defend his personal and his family’s private business interests rather than the interests benefitting the American people.

Does Trump understand that he is the ultimate hypocrite? Do the voters that elected Trump, realize that, Trump could care less about them and their prosperity? Trump is out for his enrichment. The sad thing is that he made a deal with the devil, President Vladimir Putin, to steal an election so that he could gain more personal wealth. The same way Putin works in Russia.

The Nordstrom scandal only took a week. Nordstrom stated it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump brand products, based on poor performance. There was a call to boycott companies that sold Trump products at the time, but Nordstrom denies dropping Ivanka was based on that protest. Days later, Trump used his personal Twitter account to blame the Nordstrom decision on his politics, without any proof.

“My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person ― always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” he tweeted. The official, government-owned @POTUS Twitter account re-tweeted it.

During the next daily press briefing, the White House communications director, Sean Spicer, attacked Nordstrom in his official capacity as a government spokesman. Similar to Trump, Spicer, without evidence, insisted Nordstrom ceased to carry the Ivanka product line because “they have a problem with policies.” Spicer, like Trump, ignored the store’s explanation.

Then came Kellyanne. Kellyanne told viewers during a morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” to go out and buy the Ivanka line, going as far as claiming she was going to give the line a free plug. Kellyanne’s lack of restraint is predictable when the villain at the top, has a willful disregard of conflicts of interest and ethical standards. Trump set the standard when he failed to separate himself from his businesses entirely. Similarly, his eldest daughter had not separated herself from her line; despite saying she would when her spouse, Jared Kushner, took a position as a White House adviser.

Trump’s defiance that he “can’t have a conflict of interest” has made its way to members of his staff, who treat Trump’s business interests as if they were the interests of the American people. Sean Spicer seems not to understand that there is a difference between the federal government and Trump.

Trump’s comments about Nordstrom and the Ivanka lifestyle brand are just a piece of this outlandish conflict of interests. The retains much larger holdings that could present greater conflicts, and have more significant consequences than the Nordstrom fiasco. An individual may decline to engage in a business venture. Local businesses could cancel their contracts with a Trump business, or a foreign nation could interfere with Trump’s overseas business holdings. Will there be political, Twitter of financial retribution or ramifications? If Nordstrom is any indicator, the answer is, yes.

Trump, Sean Spicer, and Kellyanne Conway are indicating that the family business interests are an extension of Trump’s elected position. As a result, it sets the tone that individuals, businesses, and other countries better not, if they want to remain in good favor, mess with Trump Inc.

Trump seriously needs to consider if wants this job. If he cannot separate himself from his family and friend’s investments, we the people will end up paying the price. His actions are just another unnecessary distraction that will cost taxpayer dollars.

The real fear that Trump plans to use his new job to enrich himself and his family business and not to pursue policy goals came true right before our eyes. Federal ethics laws prohibit executive branch employees, including Kellyanne, from promoting any private companies or commercial products. Even Representative Jason Chaffetz admitted Conway’s plug was a violation.

This violation does not concern Trump, although he claims he wants to represent the people of the United States, he willingly chose not to pay United States federal taxes for years. That does not make him smart. It reveals he has a disdain for any person, business, or country that opposes his agenda and that he is excessive, dishonest, and greedy.


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