Alternative Facts

Mr. Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway created a new term to explain White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s statements the day after Mr. Trump’s swearing into office. Apparently, size matters because Sean Spicer was instructed to lie about the numbers in the crowd at Mr. Trump’s inauguration. Rather than admitting to lying, Kellyanne Conway asserted, Sean Spicer told us “alternative facts.”

The reality is Mr. Trump has a distant relationship with the truth. It appears Mr. Trump believes if he repeats his lies, then they become real. Unfortunately, that is not how it works, and ultimately the truth reveals itself.

Mr. Trump can continue to insult and accuse the press of being dishonest. Still, for anyone paying attention, it is apparent Mr. Trump lies continuously to win elections and protect his inflated ego. Mr. Trump can apparently fool some people all of the time, but eventually, his lies and deception will catch up with him. Mr. Trump will never admit it, but eventually, he will get caught, and he will not be able to lie his way out.

I feel sorry for the people who believe in Mr. Trump. It is remarkable how Mr. Trump claims he is holding the press accountable. We, the people, have to hold Mr. Trump responsible for his lack of professionalism and endless deception.

How will the truth reveal itself? I do not know, but there is precedence; President Nixon played a similar game, and the truth revealed itself, and President Nixon resigned long before we learned most of the ugly truth.

Does The Truth Matter?

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory and recent inauguration will force the people of the United States to address a series of unprecedented predicaments over private debts, nepotism, anonymous loans, hidden tax returns, a questionable financial history, several criminal investigations, and a frenzied desire to attack anyone who criticizes anything about him. All these issues and more will be ongoing while Mr. Trump is serving in the highest public office.

Additionally, setting aside the fact that Mr. Trump doesn’t understand the definition of “Fake News,” he continues to accuse our intelligence leaders of leaking “Fake News” that embarrasses his fragile ego. Until recently, Mr. Trump refused to acknowledge Vladimir Putin’s meddling in the United States election that undoubtedly swayed the results in his favor. Even in his admission, he denies the selected leaking of hacked and doctored information, which he chose to repeat during his campaign daily, affecting the results.

Why should the people of the United States have to manage up to a disrespectful, insecure, hypocritical egotist who refuses the long-standing presidential tradition of yielding his holdings to an independent manager? As an alternative, he prefers to fuel doubts of conflicts of interests over his businesses’ many financial and foreign ties by pretending he is giving control to his sons.

Even if Mr. Trump’s divisive demeanor tempers and he rises to the role of president of the United States, the people of the United States will still have a lot to consider.

Can Mr. Trump function with a Republican majority congress that knows he is unstable?

Mr. Trump lacks patience for anyone with opposing views. In the debates and on Twitter, he attacks, insults, and demeans his opponents. How will that play with Congress? Will he attempt to intimidate through policy decisions when Congress opposes him?

Will the Republican establishment attempt to undermine Mr. Trump?

While many Americans voted for and appreciated that Mr. Trump is not part of the establishment, the fact is, getting things done will be contingent on the already established infrastructure of his party. Mr. Trump will probably be the first president in recent history that will have significant opposition from both sides. Democrats will oppose him on issues that are irresponsible or socially dividing. Republicans may want to send a message that they will never allow any attempt to steamroll their party again.

Can Mr. Trump negotiate with other world leaders?

Mr. Trump seems to think alpha leaders like Russian President Putin will respect another alpha leader like himself. Mr. Trump either forgot or did not know that Russian President Putin had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hilary Clinton because she stood up to him and called him out for meddling in the Russian elections. Given the opportunity, President Putin, who apparently succeeded, would have helped anyone win the election over Hilary Clinton. Mr. Trump does not seem to understand that his ego makes him susceptible to all types of psychological attacks, ultimately becoming an easier target than Russian President Putin dreamed. Mr. Trump’s leadership style will likely antagonize allies and foes.  Unfortunately, foreign policy has consequences, and Mr. Trump’s inability to show leadership, show any inclination toward diplomacy, or properly vet cabinet selections is troublesome.

Can Mr. Trump mend relationships with minority groups, and where will Mr. Trump’s evolving view on immigration reform lead?

Mr. Trump played to American’s fears of diversity, emboldening hate groups, and relished in demeaning minority groups. As a result, Mr. Trump is often called a hate-filled racist, homophobic, xenophobe that wants to ban the media from exposing his hypocrisy. The media finally realized the ratings Mr. Trump brought with his controversial tweets and his eagerness to appear on every cable show are no longer worth the ratings. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump continues to admonish protesters and belittle the press. As a result, he will have to endure civil unrest in many cities across America and around the world. Regarding immigration, Mr. Trump gave us whiplash pivoting from a hardline approach to a more refined tempered stance. The question remains, can Mr. Trump overcome this stigma and work in close collaboration and more efficiently with all Americans, especially communities he bitterly insulted on his way to the oval office?

Will Mr. Trump cause irreparable damage to the environment?

Mr. Trump campaigned, calling climate change “a hoax,” and is attempting to fill his cabinet with representatives of fossil fuel industries. Mr. Trump promises to boost jobs by abandoning President Obama’s clean energy plans. Mr. Trump previously pledged to pull the US out of the Paris climate deal. Once again, however, concealing his true intentions, Mr. Trump has toned down his view, claiming he now has an “open mind” on US participation in the deal.

What are the real intentions of Mr. Trump? Does Mr. Trump want to be President of the United States, or does he want to achieve megastar status? He does not have the charisma to be a celebrity based on talent or artistic achievement. Is Mr. Trump just seeking approval by conning the disenfranchised to blindly following? It is clear he cares more about personal perception than anything else, and Mr. Trump will most likely use the office of President of the United States to belittle his imaginary enemies and attempt to make as much money as he can regardless of his disenfranchised followers. The problem is the people who voted for him thought he would represent them.

Unfortunately for the citizens of the United States, Mr. Trump only represents Mr. Trump. He had an opportunity to help by paying his fair share of taxes. Mr. Trump chose not to pay taxes for fifteen years. Why would he change now, because he is President of the United States?  I don’t think that is enough to turn this charlatan into a humanitarian.

How Can We Keep Our Resolutions?

Wellness and fitness resolutions are often fads, and a smooth response when put on the spot. What are your resolutions for the New Year? We say them, we intend on following through, but they rarely last or in some cases even start.

An effective way to set and achieve resolutions is to simplify.

Try these ten ways to streamline and keeping your resolutions.

Be Smart

Make resolutions Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-oriented. For example, participating in a marathon, fitness competition, or charity walk.

Be a Gainer

Focus on the results from your resolutions instead of focusing on what you want to lose. “I want to lose 10 pounds” is less inspiring than “I want to improve body tone.”

Take Your Time

Release the idea of going from zero to 100; initiate one exercise or variation over the course of a couple of weeks. Once you are confident you have that one incorporated, add another one.

Do It Right

The most successful exercises aren’t the hardest or fastest, rather the activities performed with perfect form. Make technique your priority.

Reward Yourself

When you achieve a goal, do something fabulous for yourself. For example, if you want to run a 5K in under a one-half hour, your reward could be a Porsche 911 Turbo S or the running shoes you have been eyeing.

Have Fun

Working out should be fun; however, you define “fun.” Jump on a trampoline, sign up for a dance class or walk your dog.

Do It With Your Crew

A little help from friends is not a competitive thing, but they can keep you accountable and encourage you. I did not think group participation was significant until a friend asked me to share my Apple Watch activity. It works. Pick friends who will focus on positive reinforcement.

Visualize It

Visualizing goals sounds cliché, but it works. Regardless, if you are in the gym, in a studio, on a trail or just trying to muster up the motivation to workout, visualize it; see and feel yourself doing it. It works.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is a fitness goal. Quality sleep keeps you energized so you can excel at your workouts, and recover from them.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

You will miss workouts, and there will be days when you don’t perform as well. Don’t let that discourage you. Accept it and move on. Progress takes time. Be patient and trust.