Betsy DeVos – Just Vote No

Before the Senate voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, many Republican Senators indicated they were going to vote “yes.” In response, thousands of their constituents called, posted, and begged them to vote “no” because Betsy DeVos seemed overwhelmingly incompetent, and her confirmation could jeopardize their children’s future.

I watched the DeVos vote on the Senate floor, and all but two of the GOP cast their “yes” votes. I cannot help but wonder whether these Republicans would have the nerve to face the people who elected them.

In the past few weeks, Senate Republicans appear to have forgotten that they work for their constituents, not Predator Trump. Despite the protest from their constituents, Senate Republicans are acting like frightened children voting to approve Predator Trump’s sinister cast of cabinet nominees. It seems obvious they will not do the right thing and vote the same for Predator Trump’s agenda.

We must stand up and hold all our Senators accountable for every vote. Predator Trump displays no understanding of how our government works and no ability to lead responsibly; we the people must empower the Senate to lead.

Please vote responsibly!


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