Who is worse – Predator Trump or Stephen Miller?

Despite Stephen Miller’s determined, but ultimately dreadful attempt to defend Predator Trump, Stephen Miller proved himself to be nothing but an unsuccessful clown auditioning for Predator Trump’s approval.

Stephen Miller, from now on referred to as Comrade Miller, Predator Trump’s senior policy adviser, made the rounds on Sunday’s political talk shows to uphold the administration’s position on several major issues. Poor Comrade Miller, he did not perform well.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Comrade Miller was unable to provide any evidence of Predator Trump’s delusion that “millions” of people had voted illegally. He told John Dickerson on CBS News that it was “crazy” for judges to rule on the constitutionality of laws. On “Fox News Sunday,” Miller alleged the three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of “having a long history of overreaching” and described their decision as “a judicial usurpation of the power.” When asked about the recently resigned Michael Flynn, Comrade Miller told Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press” that “It’s not for me to tell you what’s in the president’s mind.”

Predator Trump indicated otherwise praising Comrade Miller via Twitter “Congratulations Stephen Miller – on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows. Great job!”

Comrade Miller went as far to say, “I’m prepared to go on any show, anywhere, any time and repeat it and say the president of the United States is correct 100 percent.”

Upping his freak factor, on every show Comrade Miller appeared to be reading from a prompter, disturbingly, he was not, but Predator Trump still wins the battle of the losers.

Comrade Miller was auditioning for the Predator’s approval, so by default, he cannot be worse.

Betsy DeVos – Just Vote No

Before the Senate voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, many Republican Senators indicated they were going to vote “yes.” In response, thousands of their constituents called, posted, and begged them to vote “no” because Betsy DeVos seemed overwhelmingly incompetent, and her confirmation could jeopardize their children’s future.

I watched the DeVos vote on the Senate floor, and all but two of the GOP cast their “yes” votes. I cannot help but wonder whether these Republicans would have the nerve to face the people who elected them.

In the past few weeks, Senate Republicans appear to have forgotten that they work for their constituents, not Predator Trump. Despite the protest from their constituents, Senate Republicans are acting like frightened children voting to approve Predator Trump’s sinister cast of cabinet nominees. It seems obvious they will not do the right thing and vote the same for Predator Trump’s agenda.

We must stand up and hold all our Senators accountable for every vote. Predator Trump displays no understanding of how our government works and no ability to lead responsibly; we the people must empower the Senate to lead.

Please vote responsibly!

Can Predator Trump Make Bad Decisions On His Own?

It is easy to point the finger at Steve Bannon and claim he is pulling all the strings compelling Predator Trump to make poor choices but is Steve Bannon really in charge? It is clear that Predator Trump is mentally ill, but he is nonetheless capable of making bad decisions.

The driving force of Predator Trump’s decisions is to win. He will do anything to win.

  • Lie, Most definitely
  • Cheat, The election
  • Blame, “So-called judge.”
  • Whine, “My crowd was the biggest ever.”
  • Kill, President Vladimir Putin

“Win” is his favorite word, and the only way Predator Trump can continue to “win” is to get re-elected. Steve Bannon has an abundance of objectives, America as a White, Christian, Muslim-killing nation appears to top the list, but Predator Trump’s only goal is to be a winner. The only way he can do that is seeking re-election. He has to have two terms to be a winner or else die trying.

Although Predator Trump may be mentally disabled, he is not stupid. Shortsighted, uninformed, ignorant of the human condition, yes, but he is not a complete imbecile. Predator Trump knows what must be done to have a chance at re-election. He must continue his illusion by delivering on his campaign promise of five percent economic growth, which most economists agree is unfeasible without entirely stripping all regulations, but he’s working on it. Predator Trump would have to put tariffs on foreign-made goods, working on that too. He would have to free up Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Check and check.

Steve Bannon’s agenda of white supremacy isn’t the driving force behind Predator Trump’s choices; it is the fear of not getting re-elected. Predator Trump is capable of making his very own bad decisions. Predator Trump is relying on the fact that he’ll get that five percent growth, and re-election, before his road kill policies takes hold. Move quick enough to win before the inevitably higher cancer rates from unregulated pollution, the higher prices for consumer goods erupting from trade wars with the rest of the world, and the shrinking middle class and greater wealth inequality reveal all his executive orders are entirely self-serving. He will continue the suspension of facts as a basis for policy. Predator Trump will do whatever is necessary to win and to hide his biggest fear, that he is truly a loser.

We Must Watch

It’s not a stretch to assert that Predator Trump’s first two weeks in the White House rank among the most cynical, offensive, and embarrassing moments in our country’s history.

The depressing reality is he is just beginning, and Republicans in Congress have done nothing, but recoil in fear of a Twitter attack. One thing we must grant Predator Trump is that although he may look like a walking heart attack, he keeps on going like an energizer bunny.

As a result of his of insecurity, ineptitude, arrogance, and delusions of crowd size, a movement is growing. Everywhere, people are standing up and speaking out against Predator Trump’s agenda, assembling and protesting, not in support of a political party over another, but in defense of the values that define what it means to be human and American.

Like every con man, he tries to distract. His weapon was Twitter, controlling the news cycles with outrageous claims or personal attacks. Now he uses every deceptive tactic at his disposal to shift attention from his real agenda. One day, fire an Attorney General, the next; appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court, but he is sloppy, like his clothing. His deceptions are easily identified, like the ridiculous length of his ties, but we must not give into indifference, we must continue to pay attention, we must watch.

Predator Trump made a deal with the devil, President Vladimir Putin, and he continues to mislead a lot of people that put him in the White House. Now we must pay close attention to every move Predator Trump, and his supremacist friend Steve Bannon make despite the time or day of the week. We must respond to every one of the their “alternative facts,” on everything from the size of his crowds to his pitiful and unfounded voter fraud claims. We must call out the hypocrisy of his outlandish Mexican wall, his unlawful Muslim ban, his eviscerating of the Affordable Care Act, his reckless Cabinet nominees, and even his daughter’s choice to wear a $5K dress to a gala when families are being torn apart by the inept execution of unlawful ban.

We must watch until Predator Trump’s tyranny is exposed and, our House of Representatives impeach him for corruption and recklessness. If they do not, we must wait and expose every lie, every betrayal, and every inept action, until we can elect a Congress in 2018 that will remove Predator Trump from office.

We must watch.