Can the United States Function Without a Legitimate President?

Mr. Trump’s first week in the Oval office was a busy one. He signed thirteen executive orders, adorned the Oval Office in gold, and dominated the news with tweets and photos.


Friday, January 20th – Inauguration day:

Mr. Trump decides to mimic the Washington D.C. weather, and delivers a dark speech, in his words, “carnage.” Later the same day, Mr. Trump signs an executive order to “ease the burden” of the Affordable Care Act, the first of thirteen photo opportunities.


Saturday, January 21st – The next day:

People worldwide take to the streets in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington in opposition to Mr. Trump. Madonna in her surprise appearance said, “Good did not win the election, but good will win in the end.” Then my favorite part, “To our detractors, that insist that this march will never add up to anything, F**k you.”


Sunday, January 22nd – The day after the march:

Kellyanne Conway introduces the phrase “alternative facts” in defense of Sean Spicer being told to insist the crowds at the Inauguration were the largest in history.


Monday, January 23rd – The first official day:

Mr. Trump kills the already dead TPP, tells the Department of Homeland Security to, “Build the wall,” reinstates a ban on international aid groups that perform abortions, signs an executive order to withhold money from sanctuary cities, and claims three to five million illegal votes cost him to lose the popular vote.


Tuesday, January 24th – Assault on the EPA:

Mr. Trump halts all new environmental protection contracts and grants, and he decrees a media blackout at the EPA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, banning press releases, blogs or any social media. Mr. Trump also revives the XL Keystone and Dakota pipelines.


Wednesday, January 25th – Illegal voting narrative resumes:

Mr. Trump calls for an investigation into voter fraud, which even Sean Spicer couldn’t defend anymore.


Thursday, January 26th – Twitter war with Mexico:

Mr. Trump tweets that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto should cancel his trip to Washington D.C. if Mexico refuses to pay for Mr. Trump’s wall. President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled his trip. Mr. Trump then introduces a 20% import tax claiming Mexico will pay for his wall. I do not think Mr. Trump understands that the tax means the U.S. consumer will be paying. Mr. Trump also claims he wants to bring back torture, but not really because his Defense Secretary knows better.


Friday, January 27th – First face-to-face:

After Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled, Mr. Trump’s first meeting with a world leader ends up being British Prime Minister Theresa May. The meeting appeared cordial, until later in the week, when British Prime Minister Theresa May denounces Mr. Trump’s antics. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump orders the Pentagon to review the military, and the shadowy Mr. Pence hosts the annual abortion march. Then Mr. Trump out does himself and signs an executive order that temporarily halts the nation’s refugee program blocking all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days with special additional travel restrictions for refugees from Muslim countries that do not have Trump hotels.


Saturday, January 28th – First day of Mr. Trump’s travel ban:

Protestors rally and flood major U.S. airports and international airports around the world while the unprepared implementation of the ban triggers mass confusion and hysteria. Later in the day, sounder minds intervene and issue a temporary stay on Mr. Trump’s immigration ban.


Sunday, January 29th – The day after the stay on Mr. Trump’s travel ban:

Protests continue, and Mr. Trump does not understand why anyone could think the ban was a bad idea. Bless his heart; one would think Mr. Trump might appreciate that poor execution of a good proposal does not work. Bad execution of an irresponsible plan is a catastrophe.


Although Mr. Trump’s inauguration was on Friday, January 20th, Mr. Trump demonstrates nothing but incompetence and incoherence, similar to the presidential primaries and the presidential campaign. Mr. Trump continues to practice his self-deception theory, “repeat something enough times and it becomes true.” The word “apologize,” remains indefinable and Russian President Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with the outcome of U.S. elections.

Consequently, I shall not refer to Mr. Trump as a legitimate president. Until Mr. Trump proves he is deserving of the office, the House of Representatives impeaches him, or he realizes he is in way over his head, and he resigns, I will refer to him as Predator Trump.

The question remains. Can the United States function without a legitimate President?


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